Unbroken Praise – Song Devotional

Matt Redman

mr th

Even though it’s the title song of the album, Unbroken Praise was the last one to be written.

The day before the recording I’d been looking through the songs selected and felt we were missing something; a simple song, one with not too many lyrics or chords, an expression of praise that talks about bringing God an offering of wor-ship.

I called Jonas Myrin who came straight from the airport, and he and I finished it at 11:30pm in Abbey Road studios.

I’d been playing around with the phrase unbroken praise and it seemed that there might be a song in there. To me it’s all about bringing God an offering of wor-ship that’s as worthy of Him as possible. So the song talks about praise unen-ding, praise unfailing, praise untainted. It talks about surrender and devotion, of bringing the overflow and outpouring an offering of our hearts and lives.

That last point is the one thing that this song really tries to hammer home; we need to back up the things we sing. My favourite line on this whole record comes from this song’s bridge: ‘let my deeds outrun my words, but let my life outweigh my songs.’

Ultimately that’s what worship is all about. It has to mean surrender, some de-gree of life change. If it doesn’t, our worship is just singing.

There’s a great example of this in Psalm 95. ‘Come let us sing for joy’ he writes before encouraging us to ‘bow down and worship’. After the joy and reverence comes the clear instruction: ‘today if only you would hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…’

We have to make the complete offering, to back up our songs and sounds with a life of humble obedience and full surrender to Jesus.

What’s worship without change? It’s just a game.

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