Still More on Gravity and Gladness


Picking up where I left off yesterday, I continue summarizing John Piper’s seminar, Gravity and Gladness. Again, the majority of what I have written comes from his lectures so when I’m not quoting him directly, there’s a good chance I’m paraphrasing him.

Worship is an end in itself. Worship is not a means to another end. Seeing and enjoying God’s glory or finding joyful satisfaction in God is the goal! Therefore, corporate or congregational worship cannot be a means to another end. If corporate worship is indeed worship than it must have delighting in God as its highest aim. Attempts to use corporate worship for any other purpose reduces the activity to idol worship.

Corporate worship should include singing. And when singing flows from a heart that delights in God it is worship. But the church’s weekly corporate gathering is not an avenue for me to sing the…

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