Reflections on Gravity and Gladness


As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve invested several hours lately listening to and digesting John Piper’s seminar, Gravity and Gladness. The three sessions from 2011 are about 5 hours and they are worth every minute. For those who cannot or will not invest the time, I will summarize some of his larger points and reflect on them in the end. Again, the majority of what I have written comes from his lectures so when I’m not quoting him directly, there’s a good chance I’m paraphrasing him.

Worship is natural for human beings. We do it all the time. The question is not whether we will worship, but whom or what will we worship? Most basically, to worship is to ascribe ultimate value or to find ultimate delight in someone or something. Worship is not essentially or primarily an outward activity although it is seen in outward…

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