5 Ways to Say Goodbye to “Morning Voice”

I was sent this from PraiseVocals.com

5 Ways to Say Goodbye to “Morning Voice”. 
#1)  Hydration: it’s not just with water anymore.

Although total body hydration is best accomplished with good old H20 and is a critical component to overall health (vocal health included), the addition of a glass or can of pineapple juice just before rehearsal and your worship set will do wonders, especiallyin the morning.  The key to singing at your peak level is lubrication of your vocal folds.  Pineapple juice will instantly give you a moist throat, wet your tongue and cause you to salivate, which most experts agree is the best lubrication of all.

#2)  Throat Lozenges: not any ‘ol brand’ll-do-ya.

Using throat lozenges to coat your throat may sound like a “duh” but you need to make sure that they are sugar-free AND menthol free since menthol can temporarily have a negative affect on vocal control due to its numbing properties.  Auora makes a product called “Vocalzone” that seems to be very popular.  One of it’s active ingredients is “Myrrh”.  Hey….if that’s a good for a gift for the baby Jesus I guess it has to be good enough for us, right?  You can buy it on-line for about $6.00.

#3)  Throat Spray: is that going a bit too far?

Not really.  We need all the help we can get on Sunday morning.  Having trouble singing can distract us from the task at hand; leading worship.  A good vocal spray is convenient for reducing dryness and irritation in your throat almost immediately.  It’s a fast, simple way to warm up when you don’t have enough time to…well…warm up before your rehearsal or worship set.  You can buy a bottle on-line for around $10.00

#4)  Warm-Up…EVERY time!

It cannot be emphasized enough.  Again, this may sound like another “duh” but if you’re anything like me, warming up is drudgery and boring and easy to skip.  The products and ideas above will help when you really don’t have time but nothing replaces actually using your voice to get it ready to worship.  At PraiseVocals we have a FREE download we call the “10-Minute Vocal Warm-Up”.  You can get it by visiting our website: http://www.praisevocals.com.  Put it on your smart phone and use it in the car on the way to rehearsal.  Of course you can also burn it onto a CD.

#5)  Wake up earlier

Whhaaattt?!  I know, for most of us “musician types” waking up earlier than we already do on Sunday morning is simply not an option.  However, it would behoove you to be awake at least 90 minutes before you step up to the mic.  First of all you’ll be more alert and, secondly, you will probably have spoken to someone which uses your voice at least a little bit to prepare for your warm ups.  If no one else in your household is stirring that early try reading your Bible or praying out loud.  Not only will this prepare your voice but also your heart…a win/win by any measure!

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